I am Anna Perrena, a curious and adventurous French-Canadian hedonist. My name was chosen as a variation of the name of a roman Goddess named Anna Perenna. She is the Roman Goddess of long life and renewal, health and plenty. I have long since dreamed of being a courtesan. From an early age, the world of sensual pleasures has attracted me like a bee to pollen.

I would love to connect with you; to offer you companionship and someone with whom you can feel at ease sharing your deepest desires. I love sensuality and sexuality. I value however, above all else, the valuable and intimate time shared with respectful and quality gentlemen who see my worth and wish to honor it with plenty. Therefore, I believe in quality over quantity.

When I feel cherished, I blossom like a flower and offer the many fruits of my being with devotion. I love those intimate moments shared after a nice conversation over a glass of champagne.  

I hope to meet you and discover a little about who you are and what makes you special, what makes you tick, what brings you back in the present moment so we can fully enjoy the abundance of pleasures available to us.
Yours, truly.