Mes services

I have explored in my life almost all of the guilty pleasures and forbidden fruits. I have enjoyed every second of these pleasures and I wanted to combine them with the opportunity to touch many different souls, sharing my inner beauty while seeing and honouring theirs. I believe every person is sacred and deserves to be recognized and embraced with love and care.  I am open-minded and have deep knowledge of and much experience with the vast world of fetishes and kink, BDSM, tantra and sacred sexuality. I have offered sessions of fetish and kink, taught classes, mentored practitioners, lead and taken workshops, and given lectures on sexuality. I am an ongoing student, always looking for new ways to touch those around me. I continue to learn new skills and embody the versatility of a true professional sex worker. I aim to be the one you meet and say “wow” you will never need to see another provider so long as I am around to offer you the most personalized and delicious experience.
With me, you will be able to explore many things, from foot fetish (I am known for divine feet and footjob skills), to the sensual texture of latex dresses, strap-ons, deep and passionate lovemaking, tantric massage, cuddling, deep kissing and more. I simply adore the many pleasures of the flesh and believe embodiment is the way to divine self-expression and bliss. I am a tantric yogi, and the path I follow calls upon returning to the self to meet spirit and our true nature by entering the body and experience all that is there, offered to us on a golden platter as our birthright. Making love to life is my soul’s highest purpose!